Friday, 25 March 2016

The grand plan

Why 'The Knackered Mama's Guide'? Why am I here? (as in blogger, not sure know's the time to question meaning of life.) And is anyone going to read this?

So, TKMG (hmm, do I like how that looks?) is the product of a tired 37-year old mum of a very gorgeous, and very lively two-year old boy. I haven't had it as bad as some people have, but the first 18 months involved two-hourly wake up calls through the night, and since then, while I can rely on the much-heralded sleeping through the night, gone are the days when I could have had any sort of lie-in past 7am. Oh, and I'm divorced. Which kinda sucks and doesn't in equal measure.

The blog isn't a moan about sleep, or lack of, by the way. It's just a nod to the fact that life looks very different when you're even slightly sleep deprived and have to do a day's work or (much harder...) plan an entertaining day for your child/ren, complete with healthy meals and life-enhancing activities (hmm, does a bowl of spaghetti hoops and a walk with the dog count?). 

Calling the blog a 'Guide' is a bit of a lie really, I know nothing about anything... But I feel the need to share and it might resonate with someone. Who can then tell me all about their survival techniques, which I'll then adopt, of course...

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