Wednesday, 30 March 2016

The chocolate conundrum

Being allowed to open Easter eggs at breakfast on Easter Sunday meant they never lasted long in my house when I was little. I'm not sure why this novelty elicited as much excitement as Christmas or birthdays, but I remember running downstairs to rip open the packaging and devour the contents without stopping to savour the taste.

Of course, this gluttony came to an abrupt half during the tricky teenage years. However, I still always managed to eat my eggs before my younger sister who was able to summon super human strength to hold out longer than me, enjoying the ability to feast on her chocolate while I sat cursing my weak will.

Chocolate has been a big part of my life. It's a reward for working hard, doing some exercise, surviving a shitty day. You name the situation, I'll justify the chocolate consumption.

So, with Easter now over, I am faced with a haul of three eggs for me and a whopping five eggs for my two-year old. I can plan to ration his out (he doesn't really have that much of an appreciation for it at the moment), but mine are looking at me. Daring me to open them. Tear back the foil and all will be well...

The conundrum then (first world problems, eh?) is, do I eat them all one go, deal with the immediate regret, but move on with a life of nutri blasts and lentils? Or, do I eek it out, small unsatisfying portions at a time? My willpower is poor but my ability to dwell is incredible.

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