Wednesday, 30 March 2016

The chocolate conundrum

Being allowed to open Easter eggs at breakfast on Easter Sunday meant they never lasted long in my house when I was little. I'm not sure why this novelty elicited as much excitement as Christmas or birthdays, but I remember running downstairs to rip open the packaging and devour the contents without stopping to savour the taste.

Of course, this gluttony came to an abrupt half during the tricky teenage years. However, I still always managed to eat my eggs before my younger sister who was able to summon super human strength to hold out longer than me, enjoying the ability to feast on her chocolate while I sat cursing my weak will.

Chocolate has been a big part of my life. It's a reward for working hard, doing some exercise, surviving a shitty day. You name the situation, I'll justify the chocolate consumption.

So, with Easter now over, I am faced with a haul of three eggs for me and a whopping five eggs for my two-year old. I can plan to ration his out (he doesn't really have that much of an appreciation for it at the moment), but mine are looking at me. Daring me to open them. Tear back the foil and all will be well...

The conundrum then (first world problems, eh?) is, do I eat them all one go, deal with the immediate regret, but move on with a life of nutri blasts and lentils? Or, do I eek it out, small unsatisfying portions at a time? My willpower is poor but my ability to dwell is incredible.

Friday, 25 March 2016

The grand plan

Why 'The Knackered Mama's Guide'? Why am I here? (as in blogger, not sure know's the time to question meaning of life.) And is anyone going to read this?

So, TKMG (hmm, do I like how that looks?) is the product of a tired 37-year old mum of a very gorgeous, and very lively two-year old boy. I haven't had it as bad as some people have, but the first 18 months involved two-hourly wake up calls through the night, and since then, while I can rely on the much-heralded sleeping through the night, gone are the days when I could have had any sort of lie-in past 7am. Oh, and I'm divorced. Which kinda sucks and doesn't in equal measure.

The blog isn't a moan about sleep, or lack of, by the way. It's just a nod to the fact that life looks very different when you're even slightly sleep deprived and have to do a day's work or (much harder...) plan an entertaining day for your child/ren, complete with healthy meals and life-enhancing activities (hmm, does a bowl of spaghetti hoops and a walk with the dog count?). 

Calling the blog a 'Guide' is a bit of a lie really, I know nothing about anything... But I feel the need to share and it might resonate with someone. Who can then tell me all about their survival techniques, which I'll then adopt, of course...

Monday, 14 March 2016

Emergency situation

I am out of chocolate. And cake. And ice cream.

This might be because at the weekend I had one my epiphanies about eating too much of the bad stuff, not enough of the good and needing to get off my arse more. So, given that I was heading into a new week, the best way to tackle the problem of my ever-increasing waistline was to get rid of all the chocolate, cake and ice cream. And being a waste not, want not sort of girl, I couldn't just throw it in the bin, no, the best way to resolve the situation was to eat it all. I regret nothing.

Except the fact that I'm now feeling a little peckish... And all I can think about is just how good a square of Cadburys would taste right now.